Enjoying Performing Arts

Why Acting Classes Are A Good Idea If You Enjoy Being An Extra

If you're someone who lives in an area in which a lot of movies or TV shows are shot, you may have had the chance to sign up with a union and get some work as an extra. Some of those who work as extras aspire to one day be leading men and women, while others just view the activity as something that is fun and different, and a way to make a bit of money on the side. While being an extra doesn't require training, you may still feel as though taking acting classes is a good idea. Here are some reasons that doing so is a smart choice. 

You'll Understand Actors More

There's a big difference between being an extra and being an actor. Being an extra is largely a passive role. A production assistant will tell you where to stand and how to look, and you'll generally just be a part of the background. This obviously isn't the case for being an actor, and many extras can benefit from gaining a better understanding of what it takes to act. Extras often work closely with actors, so taking classes in acting can deepen your understanding of actors and the acting process, thus allowing you to better support them with your work as an extra.

You'll Sharpen Your Skills

There's no question that taking acting classes can make you a better extra. While some extra roles are simple as sitting at a table in the background and reading a newspaper, there are extra roles that are a little more involved. For example, perhaps you'll be in a scene in which you're listening to an actor speaking. By taking acting classes, you'll learn to develop your facial expressions and body language so that you're more convincing in this role.

You May Get The Acting Bug

Even if you believe that you never want to progress beyond playing an extra, taking acting classes is worthwhile for the above two reasons. However, there's also a chance that being in this environment will awaken a desire that you have to act. Perhaps you did a bit of drama in high school but got away from it, or maybe you don't have any experience with acting, but a part of you has always wanted to take the stage. Even if you're thinking about just working on being a better extra, you may find that your acting classes excite you and empower you to look for acting roles.