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Child Overweight? Sign Them Up For Dance Lessons

If your child is overweight and they are having a hard time losing it, you can make exercise fun by signing them up for dance lessons. They will be losing weight and not even realizing it. Doing this along with going by a healthy eating plan at home will benefit them greatly. Below are two different types of dance classes you should consider.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dancing is very energetic and your child will listen to different types of hip hop music while they are learning the different moves. The instructor will help your child learn things like popping, locking, and breaking. The dance instructor that you choose is very important. Make sure they have worked with children. Moves like popping and locking are difficult to learn for a beginner. The teacher should start with simple moves focusing on dancing, and building motor skills that they need for this type of dancing. This will get them ready so they can move up.

Once your child finishes the first class they will then start learning the moves of hip hop gradually. They may start out popping first and, once they master this move, on to locking. Much of this depends on what your child is interested in the most.

Hip hop dancing is considered high aerobics and your child will use their legs, arms, and abdominal muscles. 


For a slower type of dance, your child can take a ballet class. This can also help them lose weight but in a much different way. They will have to stretch their muscles and build up the strength in their legs. It also helps strengthen abdominal muscles as well as their posture. Your child will learn different exercises in their ballet class that help them with their flexibility. These exercises require strength, as well as precision. Even though ballet goes at a slow pace, it will build lean muscles.

There are likely many ballet classes in your area, which are generally known as dance schools. The studio you choose should have beginner ballet classes for children. Take your child with you to different schools to see how they feel about them.

Watch your child closely while they are dancing. This is because overweight children may get tired much quicker than the other children, and they may also get out of breath. Once they feel like this, they need to stop and take a break.